Teen mom star Amber Portwood, was released form jail on Friday morning after a judge found that a halfway house refused to accept the teenager into their drug rehabilitation program.

Portwood has been in jail since December for violating probation. The halfway house, Sister 2 Sister, rejected Portwood from their facility, saying she was too much of a handful and possessed too much negative energy, according to TMZ.

The teen mom was released from jail with a monitoring bracelet and five-year probation sentence. An Indiana judge granted permission for her to stay with her grandparents until she is accepted into a new drug treatment facility.

Portwood is delighted by the news and so happy she will be able to spend some time with her daughter, according to her mother Tony Portwood.

Filming for the MTV series Teen Mom will continue while Portwood is staying with her grandparents, but camera crews will not be allowed to follow her when she reaches her new drug treatment facility, according to E! Online.

This could be a problem for the reality TV star as the show is her main source of income. A judge previously ordered that the teenager quit the reality TV show and got a job in the real world.

Portwood has been known to have violent tendencies, especially towards the father of her child, Gary Shirley. Footage of her behavior prompted a police investigation in 2010 and alerted child protection services. In November of the same year, Portwood was charged with three counts of domestic violence.

In 2011, Shirley alerted police that Portwood had attempted suicide. After being transported to a local hospital it was determined that she has mental instability. In December of the same year she was charged for being in possession of drugs.