Ame Deal, a 10-year-old girl, was discovered dead in a locked airtight storage bin outside her family's house in Phoenix, Ariz., and despite her relatives' claim that she had accidentally locked herself inside while playing hide-and-seek, the authorities suspect foul play and said she is the victim of child abuse.

Deal died from suffocation on July 12 in a locked airtight plastic storage bin, which is less than 3 feet long, 14 inches wide and about a foot deep.

According to the police, Deal's family members, including her 62-year-old grandmother Judith Deal, 44-year-old aunt and legal guardian Cynthia Stoltzmann, and Stoltzmann's daughter Samantha and son-in-law John Allen, both 23, said that her death was actually the tragic ending of playing a hide-and-seek game that had gone horribly wrong. They said Deal accidentally locked herself inside of an airtight box.

On July 13, Stoltzmann even said on KNXV-TV, an affiliate of CNN, "She was an awesome hider, let me tell you. ... There were places she would squeeze into that I didn't think my dog could squeeze into."

However, the authorities suspect otherwise. They believe she died because of child abuse. Start the slideshow to find out the horrific cruelty Ame was subjected to by her family and how they had tortured the girl before forcibly putting her in the bin that became her coffin.

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