Emma Roberts and Kathy Bates are just two new celebrities joining the acclaimed cast of American Horror Story for their third installment of the franchise, 'Coven'. Last week over 5.5 million people tuned in to see how  witch-craft could put a spell over the audience which has been captivated with the successful franchise.

The second episode of the show, titled 'Boy Parts' will air October 16th on FX. But already the spoilers are out, as the repercussions of the first episode in which a bus full of frat boys died will no doubt unfold. Reporter Amanda Remling sat down with IBTimesTV to discuss this spoiler as well as others ahead of the show airing.

In addition Remling discussed the rumors of a 4th season and weather or not the successful franchise will continue to grow with more series to terrify a global audience. Or will it, like 'Breaking Bad' conclude the series at the peak of the popularity?