Are the curtains closing for Jessica Lange? Prior to the Season 4 premiere of “American Horror Story: Freak Show” the actress admitted to Entertainment Weekly that the 2014 installment of the hit FX miniseries would be her last.

“It ends up being a lot of time during the year being committed to something,” the performer, who has starred in all four seasons of “AHS,” revealed. “I haven’t done that for a long time. It’s like doing a stage play between the rehearsal and the run. This is a six-month commitment every year. That will be four years in a row.”

Since “AHS” aired its series premiere in October 2011, Lange has taken on many eclectic roles in the miniseries. She portrayed Constance Langdon in Season 1’s “Murder House,” Sister Jude Martin in the sophomore series, “Asylum” and Fiona Goode in the third season, “Coven.” Now Lange has taken on the responsibility of bringing Elsa Mars to life in Season 4’s “Freak Show."

"I want to have more time to myself I guess," she said of why she wanted to hang up her heels of horror. "Once it's over and I have a full year ahead of me with nothing to do, who knows? It might not have been the best decision. But I think four years doing something is a sufficient amount of time."

Ryan Murphy, co-creator of the spooky FX thriller, thought otherwise. Distraught by the news, he sprang into action, doing everything in his power to convince Lange to partake in another season -- like offering her an amazing Season 5 role.

“It always starts with a character for Jessica, so I think I’d have to present her with something she was very interested in,” he told reporters. “Before, I was met with a really quick ‘No.’ Now, I’m hearing, ‘Well, let’s keep talking.’ So I thought that was a very good sign.... I think if I presented her with the right character, and it could work with her schedule, she might be interested.... That’s my hope.”

And if whipping up a Lange-worthy character doesn’t work, Murphy has admitted to sending the actress “bribes every day.” But it seems daily love letters and chocolates aren’t enough to keep Lange locked down.

During a recent interview with E! Online, which discussed her current role as Elsa on “Freak Show,” the actress teased her take on whether she’ll be concluding her “AHS” career on a high note or sticking around for another season. “You know, I told him that we would sit down and have a long conversation when this was over. In a way this character is so great, I don't know how you top Elsa Mars. I really -- in deference to Ryan, who I love dearly and who I respect beyond -- I have no idea at this point,” she explained. Looks like Murphy might need to come up with a new bribing tactic if he wants to keep his leading lady in the spotlight.

Do you think Murphy will be able to convince Lange to partake in Season 5 of “AHS”? Sound off in the comments section below with your predictions and make sure to tune in to “American Horror Story: Freak Show” to watch Lange -- in what might be her last role on the miniseries -- when episode 6 airs Wednesday, Nov. 12, at 10 p.m. EST.