Mt. Midoriyama has never been beaten, but 38 athletes are vying to be the first to conquer the daunting obstacle course on "American Ninja Warrior." The second episode of Season 7's Stage 1 finals aired Monday to finalize the list of competitors who would be advancing to Stage 2. Next Monday's season finale will reveal if any of the 38 athletes will reach Stage 3 or the as-of-yet unreachable Stage 4 to become the first American Ninja Warrior. Who made the cut?

Stage 1 was no easy task. Finalists faced the the piston row, the propeller bar, the silk slider, the jumping spider, the sonic curve and the warped wall in Stage 1, as well as the coin flip and the triple swing.

The run of the night, without question, belonged to Brent Steffensen. Steffensen, a six-season veteran of "American Ninja Warrior," raced through Stage 1 with the fastest time of any athlete to close out the episode and cement himself as a favorite going into Stage 2.

Watch Brent Steffensen's Stage 1 run below:

Steffensen's girlfriend, fan favorite competitor Kacy Catanzaro, did not fare as well. Entering the Stage 1 finals as a wild card, the petite, but powerful gymnast was hoping to redeem herself after a disappointing effort in the Houston qualifying round, but Catanzaro made a poor jump off of the mini-trampoline at the propeller bar and ended her run after just two obstacles. Catanzaro was emotional after her run, but vowed to return in Season 8.

Watch Kacy Catanzaro's Stage 1 run and reaction below:

Meanwhile, Joe "The Weatherman" Moravsky, sporting another custom t-shirt, completed the course to return to Stage 2 for the second consecutive year. Moravsky was one of only three athletes to clear Stage 2 in Season 6 and made it further on Stage 3 than another competitor. Will he go even further in Season 7?

Watch Joe Moravsky's Stage 1 run below:


In total, the 38 atheletes advancing to Stage 2 include: Brent Steffensen, Jake Murray, Kevin Bull, Drew Dreschel, Daniel Gil, Joe Moravsky, Jeremiah Morgan, J.J. Woods, Mike Meyers, Flip Rodriguez, Dan Yager, Travis Rosen, Geoff Britten, Lance Pekus, Brian Arnold, Neil Craver, Jojo Bynum, Sean Clayton, Isaac Caldiero, Jason Williams, Karson Voiles, Mike Bernardo, Thomas Stillings, Brian Wilczewski, Abel Gonzalez, Ryan Stratis, Jamie Rahn, Anthony Scott, Brandon Mears, Grant McCartney, Dustin McKiney, Ian Dory, Nathan Tucker, Kevin Kelin, Pavel Fesyuk, Tremayne Dortch, Dustin Rocho, and David Yarter. 

Watch Jamie Rahn's Stage 1 run below:

Stage 2 awaits next week! Will one of the athletes conquer the course and become the first American Ninja Warrior? Fans will have to wait to find out.

A replay of the second Stage 1 finals episode will air on Esquire Tuesday at 8 p.m. EDT. The season finale of "American Ninja Warrior" airs Monday, Sept. 14, at 8 p.m. EDT on NBC.