The Americans” will return to FX in 2015, and the cast and producers stopped by New York Comic Con to share a few things with the audience. Creator Joseph Weisberg, executive producer Joel Fields and actors Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys, Noah Emmerich and Annet Mahendru all attended the event in Commie Con t-shirts. While they were ready to share plenty of jokes on stage, they were all very tightlipped when it came to “The Americans” Season 3 spoilers. Here is what we learned about “The Americans” Season 3:

1. Afghanistan. Afghanistan will come into play in Season 3, which takes place in 1983. “The war in Afghanistan will loom large this season,” Weisberg teased. He didn’t say how exactly it would affect the characters, though.

2. Parenting Focus. Expect the focus to move from marriage to parenting. “For us the show is working best when Phillip, Elizabeth and the other characters are all struggling with things that everybody struggles with in their family and relationships,” Fields said. “But because of their situation, it’s on a much more heightened, life and death level.”

Elizabeth (Russell) will still be conflicted about training her daughter Paige (Holly Taylor). Their bosses ordered them to groom their daughter for espionage work, but Phillip (Rhys) wants to disobey while Elizabeth thinks it might be good for her. “I think there are so many layers for this moment as a mother for Elizabeth watching this daughter be of the age that she was when she began [working for the K.G.B.],” Russell said.

3. Nina Might Be Pregnant. A fan asked if Nina (Mahendru) could possibly be pregnant and everyone danced around an answer. “[Weisberg and Fields] both just scribbled notes under the table,” Rhys joked. The only thing Mahendru was allowed to tell the audience was that her character would be alive at the beginning of Season 3.

4. Older Technology Helps The Writers. When a fan asked about researching older technology, Weisberg had to laugh. “I wish I could call it ‘research’ instead of ‘memory,’” he joked. “The fact that we have to use this old technology and our guys don’t have cell phones and can’t solve so many problems by calling each other makes a lot of our stories work and makes a lot of our stories more interesting.”

5. Even Musical Montages Have Hidden Meanings. “Everything has hidden meanings on this show,” Fields laughed. “We come up with a lot in advance, but we don’t think about musical montages in advance. We think about story and character.”

6. Stan’s Life Won’t Get Easier. The man will find trouble anywhere he goes, even if he isn't with Nina. “We keep saying ‘Stan’s got to catch a break! He’s got to catch a break!’ and then he just doesn’t catch a break,” Weisberg said.

“The Americans” Season 3 will premiere on FX in January. What are you most excited to see? Sound off in the comments section below!