Amy Adams did not promote her new movie “Big Eyes” on "Today" after her interview was canceled. She reportedly refused to talk about the leaked Sony emails, Deadline wrote in an exclusive report, but the exact reason why she and her team nixed the interview has not been confirmed.

There were dozens of leaked messages in the Sony hack, and some of them pertained to Adams. It was revealed she and Jennifer Lawrence were reportedly paid less than her male “American Hustle” co-stars, and a different email claimed Adams was allegedly “abused” by director David O. Russell on the set, according to Fox News and Radar Online.

Adams allegedly “freaked out” and “got aggressive” when “Today” producers insisted she talk about the Sony hack, sources told the New York Daily News. She apparently left after they couldn’t decide what questions would be asked and “canceled at the last minute,” an insider told the news site.

Just because the interview was canceled doesn’t mean she’s going to get any flak from The Weinstein Company. “We are certain her fellow actors and directors would all agree, she is nothing but the consummate professional both on and off set,” the statement to Deadline read. “Amy decided to speak up for herself and express her disappointment that ‘Today’ would feel the need to ask her a question she did not feel comfortable [with], and rather than respect her opinion or continue the discussion, the reaction was to pull her appearance from the show.” The company is responsible for "Big Eyes," her upcoming movie with Christoph Waltz in which she plays artist Margaret Keane.

Amy Adams Amy Adams and David O. Russell at the 71st annual Golden Globe Awards. Photo: Reuters

A rep for “Today” said guests are not allowed to dictate what questions are asked. “As a news program, the ‘Today’ show doesn't allow guests to put restrictions on interviews,” Deadline was told. “In this case, after hours of discussion we felt uncomfortable with the demands being made and we determined the best course of action for all parties involved was to cancel the interview.”

But a source told Fox News she was briefed on the questions beforehand. “As a professional courtesy, Amy and her team were told well in advance that she might get asked about Sony, and that it was entirely up to her whether she wanted to answer,” the insider said.

Adams, who is rarely in the tabloids for salacious behavior, was rumored to have been mistreated by her “American Hustle” director, according to one of the leaked Sony emails. “He treated the crew like s--t, demanded his own bathroom at all times and frightened people, as he famously had on Three Kings,” an email sent to Sony Pictures Chairman Michael Lynton by Jonathan Alter alleged. “He grabbed one guy by the collar, cursed out people repeatedly in front of others and so abused Amy Adams that Christian Bale got in his face and told him to stop acting like an asshole.” 

“Big Eyes” will appear in theaters nationwide on Christmas Day.

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