Amy’s Baking Company is back in the spotlight thanks to a very detailed and, at times, demanding employee contract. The 20-item “legal binding contract” features strict rules for any person wishing to work at the Scottsdale, Ariz., restaurant.

The employee contract, obtained by Radar Online, runs the gamut from reasonable to exacting. The Amy’s Baking Company contract prohibits the use of cell phones during work hours, bans outside food and states any employee must be appropriately dressed, with no revealing clothing, and be ready to start working five minutes before their shift. Theft will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law and hairstyles are limited to a pulled-back bun. No facial hair is permitted at Amy’s Baking Company except for religious reasons.

Amy’s Baking Company became overnight sensations after a disastrous appearance on the season finale of Fox’s “Kitchen Nightmares.” The company’s owners took to Facebook to defend themselves from Reddit comments that soon became a meltdown. The aftermath for Amy’s Baking Company led to the revelations of Amy Bouzaglo’s criminal past and the owners looking to get a reality show following the sudden infamy.

There are some reasonable expectations to be found in the employee contract, but Amy’s Baking Company and its infamous owners, Samy and Amy Bouzaglo, have included several absurd demands within the contract. Any “attitude” on the part of the employee will result in immediate firing while any loitering after work hours is not prohibited, all employees must immediately leave Amy’s Baking Company as soon as their shift is over. During an employee’s shift, family and friends are banned from visiting.

Purses and bags are also prohibited, probably due to theft concerns, and the contract states Amy’s Baking Company has the right to search any bags. While general chattiness is usually frowned upon as it could lead to distractions or the employee neglecting duties, the contract notes any unnecessary talking “may result in possible harm to you, or to others.”

Any burned food or broken dishes will be the responsibility of the prospective Amy’s Baking Company employee and the cost will be taken out of their paycheck.  Working at Amy’s Baking Company requires the employee to work holidays and weekends, no exception to that rule; failure to show up will result in a $250 penalty.

In “Kitchen Nightmares,” Gordon Ramsay admonished Samy for taking tips and the contract makes it clear that waiters or waitresses will not receive tips. Employees will receive a wage of $8 to $12 an hour. One particular item of the contract may be difficult to enforce.  According to the contract, employees are an investment and Amy and Samy sacrifice their time to train these individuals. As such, employees of Amy’s Baking Company are not allowed to work at a competitor within a 50-mile radius for one year after their employment ends.