Consumers should expect a second version of Apple's iPhone with added features to be released in January, an analyst said Friday.

Using the example of a previous Apple product launch, analyst Carl Howe of Blackfriars Communications explained how he expected the second version of the iPhone to roll out.

When the iPod first launched, there was just one model. After a few years, there were 3 models. Most likely they will add features to the current iPhone model, he said.

He expected a variety of prices for the new models.

They will keep the price points constant, but there is room for one to slip underneath the $399. It will be around $200, $400, and the more expensive one will probably be $600, he added.

Regarding the timing of the launches, he said it was not clear if all 3 tiers would come out in January, but he expects to see at least one of them.

On Wednesday, the iPhone went on sale through wireless carrier Orange in France, marking it the third European country to carry the phone alongside Germany and the United Kingdom.

Consumers can also expect to see different iPhone models, specifically designed international markets, Howe said. Apple is currently negotiations with carriers in China for an iPhone launch there.