Artist Andy Golub publicly paints naked women all over New York City.

On Tuesday, he was at it again, this time painting naked 21-year-old model Zoe West at Time Square.

And like past attempts at painting young women in public, Golub's painting of West drew the attention of the police, who then arrested the nude West.

The naked model spent about an hour in custody before she was released without charges, reported NY Daily News.

I walked into the precinct, and there were about six cops standing behind the counter. Everyone went, 'Whoa! What's this?' she told the paper.

Although the model insists she broke no law, she still prepared for the possibility of being jailed overnight by arranging her schedule accordingly, she told Reuters.

A gallery of painted women by Golub is found here. A portfolio of Zoe West is here.

A video of the nude painting incident of the pair recorded by Reuters is below.