What started as simple game for smartphones and tablets turned into a huge sensation.  And now the megahit Angry Birds will be making its way onto Facebook.

Rovio, the developer of the game, announced that they will be releasing Angry Birds for Facebook on Valentine's Day of this year, claiming it will be the biggest Facebook event ever.

Angry Birds on Facebook will include a social feature, according to Penn Olson. Friends will be able to compete with one another and try and beat each other's scores. They will also have the ability to buy and use new power-ups. For example, they will allow players to buy an earthquake tool or special types of birds for 99 cents. However, players will also be able to earn power-ups by playing the game. Peter Vesterbacka of Rovio said that he believe nearly 40 percent of players will be willing to pay for power-ups, compared to just 3 or 4 percent of users playing other Facebook games.

Rovio also told Peter Olson that they have enhanced the graphics and developed the game with higher quality animation.

Facebook and Angry Birds are both on track to reach over one billion users this year, so it is no wonder that the two have begun a partnership that will make the companies millions. The Facebook version of the game has been in development since early 2010 and became one of Rovio's largest projects, according to Inside Mobile Apps.  

Along with the announcement and Facebook event, Rovio also released video telling users when and about game. As promised, the video shows many new enhancements and new levels to play and experience.