Most muggers don't expect their victims to fight back. But if the victim is a professional mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, problems can result.

Anthony Miranda, a 24-year-old convicted felon, was left bruised and beaten when he tried mugging and carjacking a man on Friday night around 11:30 p.m. in Chicago. The victim, however, just so happened to be an MMA fighter and expert.

While the victim's name was not released, the six-foot-two, 250-pound MMA expert identified himself as Justin, a Romanian who competes in the Ultimate Fighting Championships (UFC), to the Chicago Sun Times.

Justin, 33, said he was waiting for a friend in his car when Miranda approached asking for a lighter. He then pointed a gun at his head and asked for valuables.

He asked me for my wallet, for my phone and my keys, Justin told the Sun Times. I told him I don't have a wallet, I only have cash. He cursed me - like 'm***** f*****' and said he would blow my brains out.

Miranda ordered Justin out of his car and pointed a loaded gun at his chest, which he yanked away before disarming his attacker.

The round went off, Justin said. I put him down to the ground. He was fighting. He didn't want to give up and was begging me to let him go.

In the scuffle, Miranda reportedly shot his own ankle before police arrived and arrested him.

He was begging me to let him go. He said he has a baby, Justin said.

Miranda was charged with armed robbery and aggravated discharge of a firearm, police said, and is being held on bail for $350,000. His mug shot shows a battered and bruised face resulting from the failed robbery.

The Chicago Tribune reported that Miranda has conducted burglaries before and was released from prison in March 2010.

Justin, the MMA fighter, claims he wasn't too shaken by the incident.

I wasn't scared because I'm trained, Justin told the Chicago Sun Times. I don't feel like a hero. Training matters. If you're well trained, you have a chance to survive.

Justin told the Sun Times he used to do high-risk training and hostage rescue in the military but works in clubs and close preotection.