Apple's App Store experienced an outage Sunday with users being unable to make a purchase or download a previous purchase owing to a Terms & Conditions bug. However, they were able to make new purchases by 12:46 a.m. EDT as the issue got resolved.

The issue was spotted first when the users were asked to agree to an updated Terms & Conditions stipulation when they attempted to purchase or re-download a previous purchase. Though the users accepted the stipulation, the registration prompt kept recurring and blocked the purchase on App Store and iTunes store on both iOS and Mac. Besides, it also affected viewing of purchased items on Apple TV, MacRumors reported.

Apparently, when the issue was reported, it did not affect international accounts as the users were able to successfully download apps with Singapore, Hong Kong and New Zealand-based accounts.

Earlier, several users were posting their grouses about the denial of new purchases on Twitchy forum postings.

Apart from affecting all iOS purchases, the issue also prevented users from updating existing apps or restoring previously purchased apps, media or books.

Reportedly, the iTunes desktop client was also affected and the users were unable to work around the issue by downloading or updating apps or content via their Mac or PC, the MacObserver pointed out.