In the first week since its debut, Apple's Final Cut Pro X was met by a spectacular disappointment and a list of harsh reviews calling the software disastrous.

Surprisingly, to dissatisfied customers Apple has candidly apologized and issued some refunds.

Released on June 21, Final Cut Pro X was touted as a revolutionary new version of its flagship professional non-linear video editing sotware. It has been completely rewritten, offering 64-bit support, a revamped interface, and a slate of new features. The software takes advantage of Mac OS X features like Cocoa, Core Animation, Open CL, and Grand Central Dispatch to speed up and refine performance. It also features a new floating-point linear color system, support for resolution-independent footage up to 4K in size, and full background rendering, reported MacWorld. 


However, the much-anticipated software was reviewed critically by many professional users, who complained for the lack of EDL, XML and OMF support, inability to import projects created in previous releases of Final Cut Pro, the inability to have more than one editing sequence in a project, removal of the multicam editing tool and the inability to use 3rd party IO hardware for capture and output. Many commented that the software crashes during editing or importing.

Some reviews compared Final Cut Pro X to Windows Vista, calling it no longer a professional application, while others took issue with the lack of backward compatibility with Final Cut Pro 7. I run my business on FCP and my first impression of the new app is that it is horrible, wrote user dangerousdan.

Apple responded by stating, Every single missing pro-feature for FCPX will become available via update rather soon. SDI, EDL, XML. - all those features are coming very soon.

A growing chorus of complaints prompted some Apple product managers to consider addressing concerns over Final Cut Pro X last week.

As of Tuesday afternoon, Final Cut Pro X received an average user rating of 2.5 stars out of 5, on the Mac App Store. Among the 1,275 ratings collected, 563 are for 1 star.

In response to the claims, an Apple advisor admitted Final Cut Pro X does not contain properties that were highly regarded in the last version. They also acknowledged that it is frustrating to pay good money for a product that doesn't work as expected, reported AppleInsider.

According to the website, one customer was promised a credit of $299,99, which will be posted to the credit card within five to seven business days.

Please be assured that we are always looking for ways to improve your experience with the iTunes Store and Apple which is why we have a form you can fill out to submit your ideas and opinions, the email to the customer read.

The customer who received the refund wrote to AppleInsider, I've never seen an Apple employee apologetic over the 'inadequacies' of their software before.


Though Apple has an all sales and rentals of products are final rule as part of its iTunes and App Store policy, Final Cut Pro X seems to be an exception.

While the official iTunes terms and conditions are very clear about not offering refunds, Apple's Mac App Store FAQ notes that users should first contact developers if they experience a technical issue with an app, and if that fails, to contact Apple. In this case, Apple is both of those parties. In e-mails from Apple support personnel on successful refunds, the company notes that it's making an exception, according to CNET.

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