The deal between Apple and China Mobile Communications Corp. is still hitting a dead-rock due to concerns about the iPhone's revenue sharing business model.

China Mobile's chief executive, Wang Jianzhou said on Saturday that Apple's current model, which requires operators to share monthly subscriber revenue with the iPhone maker, had prevented the two companies from engaging in formal talks, but emphasized that China Mobile hadn't unilaterally dismissed the idea of some sort of deal.

Our door will remain open as long as there are customer demands, said Jianzhou.

There were speculations that China Mobile had informal talks with Apple, but the Chinese company suspended the discussions in January citing Apple's instance of receiving 20 percent to 30 percent of iPhone customer' monthly fees, as a barrier to the progress of the discussions.

Apple has made it clear several times that it plans to introduce the iPhone to an Asian market with-in this year although it has not specified the countries specifically.

There are speculations that the main target country in Asia may be China due to its high demand for its products.

Apple takes in anywhere from $10 to $18 per month per iPhone customer from its revenue sharing agreement with service providers.

Jianzhou added that China Mobile was adding 6 million to 7 million new subscribers each month and currently has about 380 million customers.