Apple announced the new iPhone 4S, an updated version of 2010's iPhone 4 and it has a clearer display, iOS 5 and a faster processor. It also has a longer battery life and eight megapixel camera. Apple CEO Tim Cook turned over the presentation to Phil Schiller, vice president of worldwide product marketing for Apple, who then announced the iPhone 4S. 

It's the thinnest smartphone out there. It's the No. 1 in the world. People have been wondering, how do you follow up a hit product like the iPhone 4, Schiller said as he built up the tension before announcing iPhone 4S. iPhone 4S comes with an improved battery featuring eight hours of talk time, six hours of browsing, nine hours of WiFi browsing and 40 hours of listening to music. Next, the wireless system. It has a stainless steel band with two antennas and it can now intelligently switch between the two antennas, even while you're on a call.

This has never been done and it makes even better call quality, Schiller said. With that, he claimed iPhone 4S is as fast as any 4G phone on the market. Let us know in the comments if you love the iPhone 4S or if you were hell bent on the iPhone 5 debuting.