The Apple iPhone 5 release date has not been announced yet, but new evidence and rumors suggest that 3D features may be included on the phone when it finally hits the market.

Three-dimensional technology has gone through a resurgence in recent years, with many action-packed films being displayed using the old-school 3D effect, while some recent-model TV's are also being equipped to display 3D films for home viewers to watch wearing special glasses.

Adding the iPhone 5 to the list of new gadgets offering 3D capabilities would help cement the importance of the technology even further, as Apple's ubiquitous products are highly influential in the tech world.

The buzz about the Apple iPhone 5 possibly being 3D-equipped has arisen from a job listing on the company's career website looking for an iOS software engineer. The listing explains what type of person is needed to fill the slot:

As a member of this team you should have a genuine interest in technology and be a skilled developer with knowledge and experience in Computer Vision, Image Analysis and 3D geometry.

Including three-dimensional capabilities on a smartphone could possibly allow for a wide range of revolutionary uses, from having a screen that displays glasses-free 3D to actually allowing the phone to take, display -- and perhaps even project -- videos, holograms or other visuals in 3D.

Delving into the world of 3D tech would not be an unprecedented move in the smartphone market, as the LG Optimus 3D and HTC Evo 3D have both had 3D displays for some time now. But Apple has not come out and said that it is pursuing the 3D technology with any intention of including it on its iPhone 5, and Apple fans may end up seeing it on the forthcoming Apple iTV or a follow-up to the New iPad 3 instead of on the company's flagship phone.

And this is not the first time that iPhone 5 rumors related to holographic or 3D technology have emerged, as a number of videos have been posted on YouTube that show what looks like an iPhone of some sort with such capabilities, though none have been verified as real or approved by Apple.

Click play below to watch one such video: