After releasing iOS 6.0.1 Nov.1, Apple has also released a beta version of iOS 6.1 and Xcode 4.5 to developers on its website, with the latter enabling building of apps.

Apparently, sources familiar with the first iOS 6.1 beta have identified it as "Build 10B5095f"  that is available for iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, and iPhone 3GS; third and second-generation iPads and fifth and fourth-generation iPod Touch.

The beta version of iOS 6.1 helps developers better use the company's maps inside their own applications, CNET has reported. The major addition to the OS is the "Map Kit Searches" that is part of the "Map Kit" framework, which allows the developers to search for map-based addresses.

iOS 6.0.1, released as a free update, fixed a handful of bugs including one that kept iPhone 5 users from updating over-the-air, as well as another bug that left horizontal lines on the keyboard when typing.

A new class labeled "MKLocalSearch" is said to offer the map-based content, employing a natural language string that allows users to enter information or portions of address to return the relevant information, AppleInsider has pointed out.

The Xcode 4.5 beta is labeled "Build 4H90b" that includes iOS 6.1 beta SDK along with Mac OS X 10.8 SDK. The pre-release version of Xcode includes Xcode IDE, iOS simulator and tools and frameworks for building OS X and iOS applications.