The new iOS 5 features 1500 new API's and 200 new features.  Twitter is integrated into iOS 5, making it even easier to tweet being built into the iPhone.  The single sign on setting make it convenient  and connects with the safari browser, camera, YouTube, and maps location. 

Also one of the most talked about feature Notifications is confirmed with its new Notification Center.  IT combines all the notifications where users can access it at anytime and notifications no longer interrupt.  It can be accessed by swiping down from the top of the screen.  Other swiping features were demonstrated such as text messages and a new lock screen. 

The iOS 5 newsstand feature allows news to be downloaded automatically and stored to be read offline.  Very similar to how Kindle works, magazine and newspapers are available from National Geographic, Spin, and more. 

The Safari browser looks even faster than before with tabbed browsing and twitter is integrated making tweeting an easy experience.  The browser works well across all devices and syncs reading lists. 

Other iOS 5 features included Reminders, Camera upgrade, Mail, iMessage, and improved Gaming Center. The iPhone camera includes faster performance with pinch zoom gestures with auto focus, grid lines, and photo editing. 

The iOS 5 will ship this fall and supports iPhone 3GS and 4.  Other devices include the iPad and iPad 2 along with the 3rd and 4th generation of iPod Touch. 

Lion presents 250 new features.  Jobs presented 10 features such as the multi touch.  Using swipe, pinch to navigate through desktop and screen applications.  Through the Mission Control , dragging and dropping using control gestures were demonstrated using safari's new UI and swapping between windows with a three figure gesture. 

Jobs then moved onto the Mac App Store which is built into the Lion platform.  Everything looks like iOS that is running on a Mac computer.  The new look also applies to the email utilizing a multi column view and new search that is fully automated and helps intelligently search.  The look mimics the iPad and performs at lightning speed.