After a successful Wrestlemania last week, one of the hottest search terms on Monday morning was Is WWE fights real?

The answer, of course, is no.

Hopefully this isn't ruining the experience for some poor unsuspecting 10-year-old fan googling this during his spring break, but very little about professional wrestling is real.

WWE does go out of its way to try to prove that it is as real as possible, but the storylines have all been predetermined. When millions of fans tuned in to watch The Rock take on John Cena, WWE executives had already determined that The Rock would defeat Cena with a Rock Bottom.

The organization employs writers to come up with interesting scripts each week in order to entertain fans -- no different from your favorite television show on CBS or NBC. It's also why you can't bet on WWE fights the same way that you could with a baseball or basketball game. Some online sportsbooks do offer betting options for WWE fights, but they limit the maximum bet to $50 so that no one with knowledge of the results could bet heavily on the outcomes.

But wrestlers do suffer injuries from wrestling even though the matches have been predetermined. This could include torn muscles, broken bones, and intense scarring. Professional wrestlers are often expected to cut themselves with concealed razors to make chair matches or cage fights extra bloody.

The wrestlers are hitting each other and using different techniques that do inflict pain on one another, but it is all choreographed ahead of time to avoid major injuries.

Learning that wrestling is fake shouldn't stop anyone from watching it, though. It's still an incredible source of entertainment for fans of all ages -- the perfect combination of sports and soap operas.