ArmorGroup International Plc the security services firm today announced it had landed a $5.6 million mine clearance contract in Lebanon. The contract has been awarded by the United Arab Emirates who wish ArmorGroup to “carry out a battle area clearance programme in support of the UN Humanitarian Aid Relief efforts in South Lebanon,” according to statement.

The UN Mine Action Coordination Centre South Lebanon (MACC SL) based in Tyre will deploy ArmorGroup’s teams to clear unexploded ordinance and to cluster munitions left over from the recent conflict.

The initial contract is for a single year and is due to take immediate effect. Manpower is to be phased up to full strength by October 1st. ArmorGroup announced it expected to be deploying a team of over 100 deminers, medics and support staff from Britain, Lebanon, Germany, New Zealand and South Africa.

Before the recent conflict the MACC SL had been focused on an estimated 2.1million square metres of land contaminated by landmines, booby traps and unexploded ordinance.

The CEO of ArmorGoup, David Seaton said in a stetement

Dave Seaton, Chief Executive Officer of ArmorGroup, commented:

We are very pleased to have won this important clearance programme in Lebanon. The UXO and cluster bomb contamination in the area poses a direct threat to communities and the displaced, hampers humanitarian relief, impedes movement of peacekeeping troops and hinders the already difficult task of rebuilding homes and essential infrastructure in the area. This sort of programme is critical to the sustainable redevelopment of the region, as until the contamination is cleared it is almost impossible for local communities to repopulate their homes and restart their economy safely and confidently. We continue to support reconstruction and redevelopment programmes around the world across all our service lines.