The football game between Army and Navy has a century long tradition and with such a storied rivalry between the two, pranks are common. This year's prank involved Bill the Goat, Navy's mascot, being kidnapped and left in front of the Pentagon.

The Army-Navy college football game is set to take place on Dec. 8, but while what happens on the field officially counts, it's the week leading up to the big game that matters most for those who attend the United States Military Academy and the United States Naval Academy. Each year, in the week leading up to the game, pranks between the academies are as common as chants of “Beat Army” or “Beat Navy.” While no one knows who exactly is responsible for the kidnapping of Bill the Goat, many believe that supporters of Army were responsible.

According to Navy Times, Bill the Goat was kidnapped from the farm he calls home and was left by the side of the road in front of the Pentagon. Bill the Goat was unharmed and was found on Saturday. A spokesperson from the U.S. Military Academy said the academy had no knowledge of the kidnapping.

Kidnapping Navy's mascot has been a common prank over the years, and that's why it's easy to see why some from Navy are pointing the finger at Army. The farm where Navy's two mascots, Bill XXXIII and Bill XXXIV, are held is near Fort Meade, an Army installation, and Bill the Goat was found tied up near Army Navy Drive, notes Navy Times.

Navy's mascot has been kidnapped several times over the years. Army's mule mascots are housed inside the academy with guards watching over the entrances, reports The Baltimore Sun. In 1991, several Navy cadets managed to infiltrate the US Military Academy, tie up a guard, kidnap the three mules and race off campus while being tracked by a helicopter.

Ultimately, cadets from Navy may just have the last laugh. Navy has a ten-game winning streak against Army, and Navy's team this year is particularly strong, with a record of 7-4, while Army comes into the game with of a record of 2-9.