Starting March 16, 2011, contemporary Italian fashion designer and artist, Roberto Capucci (born 1930) is presenting a unique exhibition featuring over 80 of his original works, drawings and sketches.

The exhibition, titled Roberto Capucci: Art into Fashion, is organized by the Philadelphia Museum of Art in collaboration with the Fondazione Roberto Capucci. Known for his innovative silhouettes and masterful use of form, color, and materials, Capucci began his career at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Rome and later worked with designer Emilio Schuberth.

It was only in 1950 that he established his own fashion house at the age of twenty, crafting uniquely sculpted dress.

By 1956, the international press had declared him Italy's best designer, lauding his vigor, imagination, and uninhibited originality. He then moved to Paris in 1962, where he created both classical and experimental collections, incorporating surprising materials such as plastic and stones.

He later returned to Rome in 1968, where he has continued his work as couturier and artist.

 Capucci often refers to his work as a study in form inspired by art, architecture, and nature. For him, designing is a complete sensory experience - one he often describes as an assault of art, beauty, color, emotion, music, nature, poetry.

The current exhibition features work ranging from the beginning of his career as a boy genius of Italian fashion to his legendary sculpture-dresses, including his seminal 1978 Colonna silhouette, based on the Doric column as well as his series of sculptures from 2007 honoring the city of Florence.