Asus said Wednesday it had its licensed to the On2 VP7 video codec that allows to develops enabled video phones and market Skype phones.

It had its agreement to On2 Technologies, that Skype also uses, which it gains popularity and account for over 25 percent of all Skype video calls.

People everywhere simply love this device. They are captivated by its ease of use and video quality. ASUS did a remarkable job integrating VP7 into the Eee Videophone and we look forward to seeing more Skype-enabled devices from them in the future, said Matt Frost, interim CEO and COO at On2 Technologies.

ASUS videophones enables people to make and receive free voice and video calls to any Skype user without requiring a computer, with its feature On2 VP7 video, including the Eee Videophone AiGuru SV1 allows users to make and receive calls to and from fixed and mobile lines at very low rates.Table 1