A 32-year-old devout Christian woman confronted her attacker with verses in the Bible and finally managed to make him apologize for his act.

North Carolina resident Lindsay Wood came under attack at her home in Shelby soon after her return from a Bible class, according to ABC News. Her teenage son just went out when the incident occurred.

The assailant entered the house, targeted Wood and even slashed her neck. But she kept her cool, opened the holy text and read the verses to the man, ignoring her injuries.

The attacker listened to her. He eventually apologized to Wood for his act and left the house without taking anything.

Wood is recovering in hospital. She needed 20-25 stitches and staples in her neck, the report added.

Rick Stafford, captain in the Shelby Police Department, told ABC affiliate WSOC: She offered her car up, as well as money. Police are on the lookout for the attacker.

She told him please not to hurt her, that she loved the Lord and her son, Wood's neighbor Faye Cooke was quoted by the agency as saying.