Authorities in Joplin, Mo., will release a list of people still missing after Sunday's deadly tornado.

Missouri released a list Thursday of 232 people missing since a tornado tore through the city of Joplin on Sunday. 

Initially, 1,500 people were listed as missing but searchers think many of those names are duplicates because someone was reported missing by more than one family member. 

Officials said the list will be released on the site below soon.

City officials are continuing with search and rescue efforts, while residents searching for missing friends and relatives plead for assistance, scrawling signs in wreckage, calling local radio stations and posting on the Internet.

The death toll in Joplin is at least 125. The tornado is the eight deadliest ever recorded in the US. 

Authorities urged residents who may have been reported unaccounted for to let officials know they are okay by calling following number: (417) 895-6868. Those needing to report someone missing to law enforcement should call (417) 659-5464.