A baby was born during a traffic jam caused by a fatal accident that claimed another person's life in Washington D.C., say reports.

Jerome Chappelle was driving his 24-year-old daughter on Tuesday when they got stuck in traffic as a dirt bike had crashed into a tractor-trailer.

Since the woman was in heavy labor, Chappelle called 911. The 911 dispatcher coached the woman through the delivery, and the baby was born even before the emergency crew arrived, said Pete Piringer, a D.C. fire department spokesman, according to the Washington Post.

"The baby just came out," Chappelle suddenly announced to the dispatcher. The dispatcher then advised Chappelle to tell his daughter to hold the baby in her arms and keep the newborn's head elevated.

Paramedics had arrived at the area just an hour earlier to a scene of death. The second time around they arrived to celebrate new life.

Mother and newborn were taken to a hospital where both are doing well, said Piringer.