An 11-month-old infant Dwight Stallings mysteriously went missing last April and is nowhere to be found till date.

Eleven months have passed and there is no sign of the infant boy who was born in May 2010. Authorities have searched for Dwight without any luck, while his mother has repeatedly claimed that he was with a babysitter when she last saw him.

There has been no piece of information from anywhere about the missing child, hence, the Sacramento County sheriff's investigators along with the Elk Grove Police Department have asked the public to help to find the boy.

“Unfortunately, Ms. Edwards’ stories have been literally all over the map about what happened to the baby,” sheriff’s Deputy Jason Ramos told Sacramento CBS Local. “We just don’t know which direction to go in.”

“We have nobody that can tell us they actually saw this child in 11 months,” Ramos said. “She was contacted by our deputies under a variety of different circumstances and in none of those contacts was this baby in her company.”

Tanisha Edward, the baby's mother, was held by the authorities Sunday afternoon for violation of her probation, and a Child Protective Services issued warrant for her arrest.

“I just want Dwight, wherever he is or if someone has him, just to turn him in. I just want my grandson back,” Barbara Edwards, the grandmother told ABC News 10.

Barbara told the police that in the past 11 months, her daughter never gave any concrete answers when questioned about Dwight.

She didn't tell me anything. She just said he's with someone else or being baby sat, Barbara told News 10.

Meanwhile, there are several possibilities being examined by the cops and detectives investigating the case, including the involvement of Tanisha’s boyfriend who claims to be unaware of the fact that she had a son and also that the child could be living under a different name or could be dead.

Looking at the current scenario, Ramos said there is a possibility that the case could turn into a homicide investigation, Sacramento CBS Local reported.

The sheriff's department has asked the public to give any information they come across about the child's whereabouts at the following number: (916) 874-5115.