At just a month old, the Fort Worth Zoo’s newest resident, an Asian elephant named Baby Belle, is quickly becoming one of its most popular. The tuskless tot is already weighing in at roughly 390 pounds, but, in a video released by the zoo that’s already gone viral, Belle proved that she was just the right size to splash around in an inflatable kiddie pool.

Despite the ongoing heat wave, Belle managed to find a creative way to cool down. In the two-minute-long clip, she stumbled around the zoo’s enclosure under the supervision of her mother, Rasha, testing out the tiny pool’s buoyancy before falling in and rolling around. She also smiled on as a zoo keeper hosed her down, inciting laughter from visitors.

While the zoo has another pool it uses to help cool off its larger animals, Katie Giangreco, the organization’s public relations assistant manager, said that that could prove dangerous for the newborn elephant. “We have larger inflatable pools for her to use too," Giangreco said. "The Asian elephant exhibit has a 3,200-gallon pool that the adult elephants often utilize, so keepers provided Belle with a safer, smaller-sized pool for her to play in.”

Giangreco added that the newborn has already grown significantly since she was born on July 7, tacking on another 2 pounds every day.

Belle is only the second elephant ever to be born at the zoo in 104 years. Giangreco said that Belle "is curious and full of personality, learning new things every day, learning what her trunk is for, learning to use her legs."

Belle isn’t the only zoo newborn getting attention this summer. A week after Belle was born, Zoo Atlanta’s giant panda Lun Lun gave birth to twins, which are already growing fast according to reports.