The women of The Bachelor will tell all on Monday night, and a sneak peak suggests that it's not going to be pretty, as several former contestants will verbally rip apart the oh-so-controversial Courtney Robertson.

The show's host, Chris Harrison, promised this particular episode of The Women Tell All would be an exciting one.

I always enjoy getting everybody together to talk about what went down, but this season I'm especially interested to talk to this group of women, he wrote for Entertainment Weekly. There is much to discuss so I look forward to asking all the burning questions and getting the answers you want to hear next week.

Former contestant Nicki of Hurst, Texas, who made it to the final three before getting the boot in Switzerland, described what she perceived as a strategy on Robertson's part to make it as far as she has.

In the Switzerland episode, The Bachelor star Ben Flajnik confronted Robertson about the warnings he received about her from the other contestants. She acknowledged that she hadn't been very nice. She said she really cared about him and hoped he didn't think she was just there to win. 

Nicki didn't buy it.

If she was consistently as horrible as she was up until the last episode, ok then you're doing what you gotta do to win or whatever, but when she flipped and all of a sudden had a change of heart when she realized 'Oh it's down to the final few and my chances of winning this might be hindered by the fact of how horribly I've treated people' and then all of a sudden she flips it and now she feels bad? I don't buy that for a second, Nicki said in a preview clip of The Women Tell All, finishing to applause.

Former contestant Emily echoed her sentiments.

I think the apology was another step in her strategy to win, she said of Robertson.

Harrison then asked Emily whether Robertson came on the show with the intention of finding love.

Does Courtney know love? Emily countered. Does she have a heart? I don't think so.

While these women spoke up, a camera showed that Robertson was waiting in the wings.

It felt a little unfair to talk about Courtney without being able to hear her side of the story so we invited her to come on the show tonight to defend herself and she said yes, Harrison said.

Another preview clip posted by People magazine shows Robertson tearing up a bit in front of the other women.

The Women Tell All episode airs on Monday night at 8 p.m. EST.