The women on “The Bachelor” only have eyes for Chris Soules, but episode 3 introduced a new man – late-night talk-show host Jimmy Kimmel! The TV personality, who has a history of roasting the ABC reality series, joined Chris Harrison to guest-host and help Chris find his future wife.

Episode 3 of Season 19 kicked off with the 33-year-old Iowa farmer receiving a special (and pretty intimate) wake-up call from Jimmy. “Get yourself pretty,” he warned Chris before leaving to meet the 18 contestants.

The ladies of “The Bachelor” were surprised and excited to see Jimmy Kimmel, who greeted them as the “sister wives.” He immediately had the group laughing, telling them that he was going to help Chris with his decision by “making love” to each of them. Before presenting the date card and heading out, Jimmy instituted a new rule – the “amazing jar.” Each contestant had to put a dollar into the jar every time they said the word “amazing.”

“Maybe we’ll buy this house and live here together,” Jimmy suggested. (Which could be a real possibility with the amount of times they say “amazing.)

One-On-One Date

Kaitlyn, the 29-year-old dance instructor from Vancouver, landed the first one-on-one date of the episode. The date card teased that they would be going to an “exclusive club” to enjoy high ceilings and hors d’oeuvres. The “exclusive club” hint led Kaitlyn to get dressed in her finest attire – a white tank top and red plaid blouse. Fortunately for her, they ended up outside of a Costco.

Confused as to why they were outside the wholesale club, the driver handed Chris and Kaitlyn another date card from Jimmy.

“Welcome to the most romantic spot imaginable,” Jimmy wrote on the card, warning the pair to stock up because he’d be coming to dinner. But that wasn’t all Jimmy had in store for them. He also asked them to do him a favor by picking up a couple of things – like a tub of mayo, an office chair and enough ketchup to fill a hot tub.

Although the date wasn’t as extravagant as the helicopter ride he went on last week with Megan in episode 2, Chris admitted that he had a lot of fun. Kaitlyn agreed.

“I really love how normal it was,” she told him. “It was nice to do something normal.”

But their “normal” date didn’t last long. Jimmy Kimmel showed up for dinner, and while Chris grilled the steaks, Jimmy grilled Kaitlyn.

“I specialize in making people uncomfortable,” Jimmy explained. And he wasn’t lying. He got Kaitlyn to admit that she dated a farmer in the past, and got her to open up about her feelings on Chris potentially getting physical with the other contestants in the future fantasy suite.

To Chris’ surprise, Kaitlyn told him that she’d understand if he had sex with the other contestants because you can’t buy a car “without test-driving it.” Jimmy immediately told Chris, “It’s not going to get any better than this.”

Despite the awkward third wheel, the date with Kaitlyn and Chris went well. Chris offered her the date rose and she accepted.

Group Date

Britt, Jillian, Becca, Tracy, Mackenzie, Kelsey, Amber, Ashley S., Julia, Samantha, Nikki and Carly joined Chris (and Jimmy) for the group date. The guest host set the ladies up on a pretty wild farm-inspired obstacle course. The women first had to shuck 15 ears of corn before moving on to a chicken pen, which held only eight eggs. Whichever lucky lady managed to grab an egg had to head to the frying pan. If she cracked the yoke, she’d be eliminated, but if she didn’t she’d move to the goat pen. The pen held six goats, and the contestants had to secure one and milk it -- and then drink a glass of the warm milk. Once the milk was gone, they had to shovel manure. After the manure was the final obstacle – catch a greased pig.

The women had some difficulties. The hardest obstacle was chugging the goat milk – something that Chris admitted was “not important” to him. Kelsey vomited some up, while lactose-intolerant Carly managed to chug the glass.

“Did you drink it?” Ashley S. questioned her.

“YES, I DID!” Carly yelled as she ran toward the manure pile.

Although the Hulk – aka Jillian – went full force on the obstacle course, it was little Carly who secured the win. But unfortunately for Carly, she didn’t get the group date rose.

Chris got some time with each of the girls during the after party -- and kissed almost all of them. Mackenzie confronted him about kissing so many women, and he didn’t have an answer for her. Meanwhile, Becca refused to kiss him, telling him she didn’t want to rush things. Chris seemed to appreciate that, because he gifted Becca with the group date rose and told her he thought they formed a connection.

One-On-One Date

Whitney got the second one-on-one date of episode 3. The 29-year-old fertility nurse joined the bachelor for a romantic afternoon at a winery. But they didn’t stay there. After observing a wedding happening outdoors below them, the pair decided to crash the reception.

Chris and Whitney changed clothes and bought a random gift for the newlyweds before joining in on the festivities. Chris awkwardly answered questions while mingling with guests; Whitney proved to be a pro at lying to them about why she and Chris were there – something that impressed Chris.

Whitney failed to catch bouquet, but Chris did reward her with the date rose.

“You made my day,” he told her before stealing a kiss. “You absolutely made my day.”

Pool Party

Instead of a cocktail party before the rose ceremony, Chris invited all the girls to a pool party. While most of the bikini-clad girls used the time to flirt with Chris, Juelia decided to tell him about her dark past. Pulling him aside, Juelia opened up about her husband committing suicide after their daughter was born. Chris comforted Juelia and thanked her, telling her she was a strong mom.

After some alone time with Juelia, Britt stole Chris for some quick kisses. Jade managed to whisk him away from the others by asking him to give her a tour of his bachelor pad. Chris did that -- and more. He showed her how to “test” out the bed by running and jumping onto it. Jade tested it out and got a steamy kiss as well.

When Chris and Jade left his place, they encountered Jillian outside in his hot tub. Jillian took advantage of her time with Chris, asking Megan, Ashley I. and Mackenzie to leave them and come back in a few minutes. However, when the three other contestants returned, Jillian refused to give them any alone time. Ashley I. ended up in tears, upset that Jillian wasn’t sharing.

Rose Ceremony

Eighteen women started in episode 3 of “The Bachelor,” but only 15 would move forward. Kaitlyn, Becca and Whitney entered the rose ceremony safe, having already received roses. Jade received the first rose from Chris, followed by Samantha, Juelia, Mackenzie, Kelsey, Britt, Megan, Carly, Ashley S., Nikki and Jillian. The bachelor had only one rose left and four women. It went to Ashley I.; Tracy, Amber and Trina were eliminated.