Ben Flajnik, the protagonist of this season of the hit ABC show The Bachelor is hanging on to controversial contestant Courtney Robertson, and fans are none too thrilled.

Viewer comments poured in on a Facebook page for the show.

OMG Ben Seriously. Courtney? one fan wrote.

Wrote another: I can't believe he gave Courtney a rose. You are being fooled on national tv!!

Several fans pointed out how Flajnik is continuing on with her despite receiving warnings from other contestants. Such contestants, however, have proved to be a problem for the bachelor.

The show's host, Chris Harrison, spoke to about Flajnik's decision to keep Courtney around: People say, 'Why haven't you warned him about her?' But he hears what she's saying and plenty of the women tried to caution him.

Harrison pointed out that Flajnik didn't like it when one of the women he sent packing Monday night, Emily, spoke negatively about the 28-year-old model from Arizona.

That really bothered him and he saw it as a personality flaw, Harrison said.

Now Courtney is one of the four women who gets to take Flajnik home to meet her family for the hometown episode, which airs Monday.

I think everyone is dying to see where Courtney came from, Harrison told

Flajnik expressed his excitement for the upcoming week in a posting on People magazine's Web site.

More than anything, I was completely thrilled that they wanted to take me home to meet their families, Flajnik wrote. Family is everything to me, and it's a very important part of this journey.

He also wrote that he felt at home with Courtney. Monday night's episode ended with them playing with and naming a big hairy tarantula.

He also addressed the concerns raised by the other contestants: I see what some of the women were talking about, but I still feel great about Courtney because when I'm with her, I feel really connected to her.