Ready for another night in paradise? ABC’s new “Bachelor” spinoff, “Bachelor in Paradise,” will return on Monday, Aug. 11 for another episode of sexy hookups, dramatic fights and rivers of tears.

During the premiere episode, viewers said goodbye to two “Bachelor” alums – Daniella and Michelle K. But just because the ladies are gone doesn’t mean that the show is ready to move on. The synopsis for episode 2 teases that host Chris Harrison will reveal a huge secret surrounding Michelle’s decision to leave paradise – the 30-year-old had an “illicit hookup” with a crewmember after her exit.

The big reveal is described as “the most bizarre scandal in ‘Bachelor’ history,” however the drama won’t stop there in episode 2 of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Because two cast members left in episode 1, two new contestants will enter in week two. But this time instead of more ladies than men, the guys will find themselves with two extra competitors. The pressure will be on as the two new bachelors show up in Tulum, Mexico with date cards. And while connections may have been made in week 1, it’s a whole new game in week 2.

Clare will find herself as one of the lucky ladies to be asked out on a date. Robert may have chose to hand his rose to her during the premiere rose ceremony, but that won’t affect Clare’s decision when accepting the date card. Feeling as if she was a default choice for Robert, Clare is “eager to make a romantic connection” with someone else. Clare and her mystery man will spend the day enjoying a couples massage on the beach – but will Robert be okay with this switch up?

Elsewhere in paradise, Lacy and Marcus will continue to shack up. The duo will enjoy a “dreamy dinner date at the exotic eco-archeological park, Xcaret,” however someone threatens to shake up their new relationship. Robert is still upset and jealous over last week’s ceremony. Will he try to sabotage Marcus and Lacy’s relationship? Or will he try to move on with another ladylove?

bachelor in paradise Will Marcus and Lacy's relationship be able to survive "Bachelor in Paradise"? Photo: ABC

Dylan on the other hand is having his own problems. While he made a connection with Elise in episode 1, the contestant from Juan Pablo’s season is moving “way too fast for him.” Sensing that she’s losing him, Elise will attempt to make Dylan jealous with a new bachelor. However her plan will end up backfiring.

The second bachelor will arrive in paradise, and just like the first newcomer, he too will ask Clare out for a fun date in Mexico. The duo will explore the Tulum Village, where the bachelor will make Clare feel “like he is everything she’s been waiting for.” “Bachelor in Paradise” viewers will have to wait and see if this second date causes friction with Clare’s other suitors.

Dylan will get a date card as well in episode 2, however it’s not looking good for Elise. The bachelor will ask a woman out, but whom he chooses will cause “some drama amongst the others.”

Episode 2 will end on a dramatic note as one bachelor is exposed as a liar. The “Bachelor in Paradise” cast discovers that one man has been hiding a girlfriend back home – which will more than likely result in him getting sent packing before the rose ceremony.

Unfortunately his departure won’t make the rose ceremony any easier. The synopsis teases that “one woman’s decision leaves everyone talking;” and someone will reject a rose for the first time in “Bachelor in Paradise” history, “risking everything.”

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