"Back to the Future II" may have been a bit off with its vision of flying cars, holographic ads and self-drying jackets by the year 2015. But those shoes with power laces? They're really happening.

The sneaker company Nike confirmed it is working on the release of the self-tying shoe that Marty McFly made famous in the 1989 movie sequel. Tinker Hatfield, who designed the sneakers worn in the movie, appeared at a trade show in California to talk about the release of the Nike MAG, Nice Kicks reported. There is no release date or price as yet.

The patent for the shoe was filed in 2013 by Nike, according to the Los Angeles Times. It shows automatic straps that open and close, and an automatic ankle-cinching system that would adjust the ankle part of the shoe.

In the movie, McFly, played by Michael J. Fox, puts the shoes on and the laces automatically tighten and light up. A 2011 replica of the shoe, with 1,500 pairs made available on eBay under the name Nike Air Mag, featured the lights, rechargeable batteries and the same design as the ones in the movie, but they did not come with the power laces. The shoes to be released this year would have a weight sensor that acknowledges when a person puts his or her foot into the shoe, thereby activating it to open and close.

This isn’t the only "Back to the Future"-inspired technology coming our way. Engineers at Hendo, a California company dedicated to hover technology, built a hoverboard last year that they say really works. In a recent Kickstarter campaign, they raised more than double their $250,000 goal, and plan to release it on Oct. 21.