Falcon Heene, the 6-year-old balloon boy who was never inside a helium balloon, appeared on NBC's Today Show on Friday morning with his parents and brothers to talk about the flight that captured national attention yesterday.

During the interview in which his father addressed most of the questions from anchor Meredith Vieira, the boy began to vomit in front of television cameras.

On Thursday a story that a 6-year-old boy was flying inside a helium balloon which accidentally lifted off broke, captivating media outlets around the world. A couple of hours passed before the balloon landed. However the boy was not inside a special compartment in the device. People speculated he may have fallen but the boy was later found hiding in the attic of his garage.

Heene said in one interview Thursday that we did this for the show, generating speculation that the incident was a stunt. However this morning his father Richard Heene denied the event was a hoax.

Watch the Today Show interview here:

Watch the interview on Larry King when the boy said We did this for the show:

Balloon Boy found in attic alive! (video)  .