Mitt Romney’s failed campaign for president must have been more expensive than previously reported because the former Republican governor was spotted robbing a bank in Virginia on Thursday morning. Well, kind of.

The identity of just who actually pulled off the heist is unknown but the robber was caught on camera wearing a Romney mask. This comes two years after a perpetrator wearing a mask of Hillary Clinton’s face to disguise themselves from witnesses and law enforcement robbed the same bank.

The Romney robber was caught on surveillance wearing a maroon Florida State University sweatshirt, according to the local NBC affiliate. He also showed some serious bravery (or insanity, depending on one’s definition) by walking down the counter and taking money from each teller rather than quietly showing one bank employee a note.

Investigators told the Washington Post the brazen robber “brandished a firearm and demanded cash” and that for now he seems to have gotten away without much trouble for the law.

Authorities are as stumped as the Republican Party after President Obama reclaimed the White House. Local police are asking for the public’s help and the FBI has called the bank robbery “unusual.”  

Complicating the scenario is that a robber posing as Hillary Clinton held up the same bank, then a branch of Wachovia on Dec. 16, 2010. Benjamin L. Sebastian was arrested after witnesses told police a tall black man had brandished a gun in the robbery. A description of Thursday’s suspected was not available but the crimes did occur in the morning hours of a weekday.