Amid rumors of bankruptcy, Chrysler revealed it intends to make an all-electric version of its Town and Country minivans that will be sold exclusively to the U.S. Postal Service.

The company reportedly is planning to apply for an undisclosed amount of federal grant from the Department of Energy under the stimulus package. The proposal is made in partnership with several companies including Duke Energy, ConEd and DTE which will build recharging stations for the vehicles.

Chrysler's electric minivan was showcased on Wednesday, according to the company's blog. They are powered by lithium-ion batteries, made by A123 Systems and have a 200 KW motor.

The estimated market for the postal service is 220,000 vehicles, according to reports. Chrysler would deploy 250 minivans over the next year if the company is granted the loans, Lou Rhodes, president of Chrysler's ENVI division told the Detroit Free Press.

Chrysler is expected to file for bankruptcy as early as next week, according to a report by the New York Times Thursday.