Baruch is taking no chances that a repeat tuition protest will turn into another melee. Mitchel Wallerstein, president of the college, has issued a letter rescheduling all Monday, Nov. 28th, classes after 3 p.m. normally held at the Newman building. Instead, the classes will be held Friday, Dec. 2nd, at the same time and place they were originally scheduled for.

Staff has working at Newman will also be given leave starting at 3 p.m. Monday. The letter is in response to the threat of a repeat of the troubles that flared up last week, and because the scheduled  meeting of the CUNY Board of Trustees in the Newman Vertical Campus on Monday afternoon might lead to more trouble

It also means that campus will be cleared of all students except those in classes already in progress. We are determined, said the letter, to avoid any repetition of the regrettable events that occurred in the narrow confines of the NVC lobby during the CUNY Board's public hearing last Monday.

Wallerstein stressed that he was personally committed to the the right of free expression on the Baruch College campus. But he added that such freedom would be delayed until such time as we are able to obtain an outdoor public plaza or other public spaces more suitable for such expression that the crowded confines of the Newman building.