Actress Pamela Anderson, who is also a well-known animal activist, is all set to launch her own vegan accessories line. The vegan shoe line, Pammies, will launch online in October at and in Ron Robinson stores in November. The new shoe line is similar to her once famous UGG boots.

Anderson is a known PETA activist and has been following a vegan lifestyle for 20 years. And she is now merging her passion for pets into fashion, with her new collection. It will consist of comfortable, suede-like boots made of recycled fabrics and are made in California.

The collection features three pieces -- the Cove Classic, the Zuma and the Malibu. According to the “Baywatch” actress it comes in light gray, brown and white and can be worn with anything.

“I’m really excited about the project that I’m involved in because [it] is something that I’ve always wanted to do -- and it’s actually happening,” the star said.

The actress added how UCG had used her to promote their boots, and she had helped them with their promotions, not knowing that animals were not being shaved and kept well. Anderson said that it was how her animal activism career started and since then, she has been trying to create alternatives. 

Anderson also teamed up with French designer Amélie Pichard to design a line of high-fashion accessories, featuring seven shoe styles and a beach bag, inspired by Malibu and St. Tropez. All the pieces from her line are made of nontoxic plastic, cottons, acrylics and rubbers, which are sourced in France and Italy, she said.

The mother of two said that vegan things can be sexy, fun, super stylish and conscious. “Because young people want to make better choices when it comes to consuming, when it comes to fashion,” the longtime PETA activist said. She added that more sustainable choices were required in terms of handbags and shoes.

The line will be available exclusively at Opening ceremony in Los Angeles on Dec. 10. It will be priced between $450 to $950.

The blonde beauty’s fans will reportedly see an eclectic 1990s inspired style in Anderson’s collection. It will feature patchwork denim detailing, plexiglass material for heels and silver glittered soles.