Bernhard Goetz -- the man infamously dubbed the “subway vigilante” after he shot and wounded four black teenagers who allegedly attempted to mug him on a New York City subway in 1984 -- has been arrested for selling marijuana to an undercover police officer.

According to the New York Post, Goetz, 65, met the female undercover officer at 15th Street and Fifth Avenue near Union Square in New York City on Friday evening.

“He told her he wanted to get high with her,” a source told the Post.

After agreeing to sell her marijuana, Goetz and the undercover officer went to his apartment, where he went to get the drugs. After selling her $30 worth of pot, the undercover officer left and officers in the Manhattan south Narcotics Division arrested Goetz, according to CNN.

Goetz has been charged with criminal possession, criminal sale and unlawful possession of marijuana, Sgt. Carlos Nieves told CNN. He is currently in custody awaiting arraignment.

Those around the neighborhood are in disbelief that Goetz has been arrested for marijuana.

“Bernie? Oh, come on, they arrested him for that? It’s just pot, they should let him go,” John D’Antonia, a doorman in a building near Goetz’s, told the Post. “People will now probably say he shot those kids because he was high.”

On the afternoon of Dec. 22, 1984, Goetz entered the public eye when he shot and wounded four black teenagers on a Manhattan subway who allegedly attempted to mug him. The victims later said they were panhandling, not mugging, when they asked Goetz for $5. Goetz felt he was being threatened.

Goetz was charged with four counts of attempted murder. He was found not guilty of the attempted murder charges but convicted of illegal possession of a firearm, for which he served less than a year in prison, CNN said.

As CNN notes, the incident made national headlines and ignited a media firestorm around race relations and guns in the United States, as it took place at a time when violent crime rates in New York City were spiraling out of control.