Beyoncé and Jay Z are arguably the most prominent couple in the music industry and have been for years. The problem is that for most of their marriage they have also battled rumors they were heading for divorce. Though they remain together in public, the fragile string holding them together is slowly unraveling, In Touch Weekly insinuated Wednesday. With stress continuing to build, Beyoncé unloaded on a wardrobe designer who made a mistake on one of the costumes for her forthcoming tour.

An insider told In Touch, “Beyoncé threw a fit at the designer because a beaded spandex outfit didn’t fit over her butt,” Radar Online reported. “She called the designer an idiot for not knowing the correct size and shape of her body.”

But the tantrum didn’t stop there. She “threatened to fire the designer during the fitting” and made him or her fix the outfit at least four times because “Beyoncé was so particular,” the source said.


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Her performing drama could even affect the “Formation” tour. “They have never looked so disconnected before and it is painfully obvious that they are both just beyond miserable,” a source told Radar Online Tuesday.

After looking at a picture from a Los Angeles party last week, body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass determined their relationship is bursting with tension. “Jay Z has never looked as unhappy and angry as he does on this particular night,” she said. “He has a furrowed brow and there is a lot of tension between his eyes. Those are both huge signs of anger and discontent.”

Beyoncé’s body language did not bode well for their marriage, either. “Beyoncé’s head is bowed down and her facial expression is not what it usually is when there is a camera on her,” Glass said. “She cannot even hide her misery anymore, nor is she trying to disguise it.”

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