As rumors constantly swirl that "Lemonade" star Beyoncé and Jay Z are on the brink of divorce, the singer is doing everything in her power to save their marriage. Beyoncé’s latest technique is to “eliminate” the shady women from the Brooklyn rapper’s life. He was famously linked to Rita Ora and Rachel Roy. Both women were labeled as “Becky with the good hair,” a reference to the person Jay Z had an affair with.

"Beyoncé has got Jay by the balls  and he's very lucky he's still around," an insider told Radar Online in an exclusive report Monday. "Jay's got no choice but to suck it up or he's going to face a billion-dollar divorce."

Even though he cheated, his indiscretions are in the past. "He misbehaved sure, but he'll never do it again," the insider said. "She basically told him she was doing her 'Lemonade' album to clear the air and he had to, literally, face the music .”

When she decided to take him back, Beyoncé "laid down the law" and said there were rules he must follow. One of those things was to get rid of the women he was associated with. "Beyoncé made a list of all the women he's been linked with and declared a ban on each and every one, including Rita Ora and Rachel Roy," the source said. "She said she better never hear him connected with these women again.”

While “Black Widow” singer Ora was absolved from being “Becky,” the jury is still out on whether fashion designer Roy had an affair with the entrepreneur.

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