Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s baby girl, Blue Ivy Carter, has the worst celebrity girl baby name of 2012, according to a poll.

BabyNames.com surveyed more than 2,000 members to select the best and worst celebrity baby names of the past year. Blue Ivy was voted the worst celebrity baby name for a girl by 47.1 percent.

According to the website’s CEO, Jennifer Moss, people don’t take well to noun names; the combination of a noun and an adjective, like Blue Ivy, is even worse.

Similarly, the poll voted Alex O’Loughlin and Malia Jones' son, Lion, as having the worst celebrity baby name for a boy, also a noun name.

Another unwelcome trend was giving girls distinctive male names. Both Jessica Simpson and actress Lindsay Sloane named their daughters Maxwell in 2012, which Moss suggests caused a backlash.

"It's not unusual for male names to cross over onto the female list, but you'll rarely see it go the other way," she noted.

Favorite celebrity baby names for 2012 were a lot more common and classic; Hilary Duff's son, Luca Cruz, was voted the best celebrity baby name for a boy, while former "Bachelorette" star Jen Schefft's daughter, Charlotte Grace was voted the best celebrity baby name for a girl.

Moss suggests that many celebrities are selecting less flamboyant names than in the past.

"We're not seeing crazy names like Pilot Inspektor or Moxie Crimefighter anymore," she said.

"I think celebrities are becoming a little more sensitive to the fact that the child has to live with his or her name."