“Big Brother” was sure busy Thursday night. Singer Ariana Grande stopped by to visit her brother Frankie, and it turned out to be an entertaining night to visit. Week 6 saw the first double eviction of Season 16, an eviction that broke up the season’s first “showmance.”

After Amber’s exit in Week 5, it seemed certain in the house that Zach would be the next to go. After Donny and Nicole won Head of Household and Caleb and Victoria won the Battle of the Block, Jocasta and Zack ended up on the block. But after some last-minute drama and backroom dealing, Jocasta ended up being the next houseguest to go.

After a comically bad “Mathcathalon” challenge named Caleb the next Head of Household, it was Donny and Hayden on the block for the dreaded second eviction. That is, until Donny won the veto power and took himself off the block to be replaced with Hayden. With Hayden on the block next to Nicole, fans knew the season’s first budding relationship was about to end, and when the votes came in Hayden was evicted.

Jocasta and Hayden follow Amber,  Joey, Paola, Devin and Brittany as the sixth and seventh houseguests evicted in "Big Brother" Season 16. Caleb, Christian, Cody, Derrick, Donnie, Frankie, Nicole, Victoria and Zach are still in the game.

On a lighter note, Ariana Grande stopped by for the live double eviction to visit her brother, houseguest Frankie.

The houseguests seemed shell-shocked after the double eviction, and we’re sure there will be drama to follow. Fans will have to tune in Sunday to see the aftermath of a busy week on “Big Brother.”

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