Bindi Irwin, the 14-year-old daughter of “Crocodile Hunter” Steve Irwin, is doing the rounds to promote her new film but, instead she has shocked the world now that she’s all grown up.

Irwin was only 7 when her father died, and many remember her as a tiny pigtailed girl. But now that seven years have passed, Bindi is all grown up -- and shocking fans worldwide.

Since his death, and even years before, Bindi Irwin was followed in her dad’s footsteps, working as an animal activist and conservationist. Recently, though, Irwin has added acting to her list of accomplishments, and has starred in three films, including 2008's "Nim's Island," with Abigail Breslin.

Currently, she’s doing the rounds to promote her latest film, “Return to Nim’s Island,” which premieres on the Hallmark Channel on Friday, reported. MSN’s Wonderwall reported Irwin was in Sydney, Australia, to promote the movie, wearing a short-sleeved button down shirt and khaki shorts for her press call on Monday.

"Nim is a little bit uppity but apart from that we are quite similar," she told Australian site Adelaide Now. She said her sea lion co-stars were "better trained than me. They hit their mark every time."

Bindi also starred in 2010’s “Free Willy: Escape from Pirate’s Cove,” which went straight to DVD, Wonderwall reported.

Meanwhile, back in September, Iwin’s 8-year-old son, Robert, made his first public appearance, which just happened to be while feeding a crocodile at the Australia Zoo. The blonde child was seen crouching to feed the croc while at the Zoo’s “Crocoseum” in Beerwah, Queensland. Though a zoo staffer was nearby during the meeting, onlookers said that Robert seemed pretty fearless of the large reptile.

"It's awesome because every single croc we feed is different," Robert told Australian news outlet Sunshine Coast Daily. "It's really fun and exciting."

Though Steve Irwin was killed in 2006 after being stung by a stingray in Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, his wife, Terri, is happy to see her son has picked up the knack for wildlife.

"Robert's finally worn me down, so he gets to feed something in the show for the first time as well," she told Sunshine Coast Daily.