A Newport Beach, Calif., car dealership made quite the exception for a recent customer. 

The dealership allowed a Florida man to purchase a Tesla Model S for $103,000, reports CNN Money. The sale, which occurred on Tuesday at a Lamborghini dealership, is the equivalent to 91.4 Bitcoins. Lamborghini Newport Beach's marketing director Cedric Davy said the man contacted the dealership on Monday to find out if he would be able to use Bitcoin to buy the car. The customer added that he had been previously turned down by other dealerships. 

"We had heard about it before, but we weren't extremely familiar, so we basically did our homework and looked for ways for us to convert it into dollars," wrote Davy in a post on the company's blog. 

The dealership began working with Bitpay -- the payment system that processes Bitcoin purchases -- to complete the transaction. And following the news of the Bitcoin car sale, the dealership received an additional 10 calls from shoppers interested in buying vehicles with the digital currency, Davy said.  

The majority of Teslas are sold online through the company, with the vehicles going straight to the customers, CNN Money reports. And the transactions are also completed online in Tesla stores. When contacted, Tesla had no comment on whether Bitcoin would eventually be used as a form of payment.