Blac Chyna, who is rumored to be dating Rob Kardashian, wants to end her feud with Kylie Jenner, Hollywood Life reported Tuesday. Chyna got involved in a beef with Rob’s stepsister after Jenner began dating Tyga, the father of the 27-year-old’s son King Cairo.

A source told Hollywood Life that Chyna wanted to maintain a good relationship with the 18-year-old as she thinks Jenner will play a role in King Cairo’s life. The report comes after Jenner’s stepsister Kim Kardashian settled a long-time dispute with Amber Rose, who dated Kim’s husband Kanye West a few years ago.

"Thanks to Amber, Blac's considering having a one-on-one with Kylie," the source told the entertainment website. "It just makes sense. Blac knows Kylie's going to be in King's life for a while because of Tyga. Blac's always been grateful for how loving and kind Kylie's been to her son. King's room at Kylie's house is like a mini Disneyland and deep down, Blac adores that," the insider added. 

Not only for King Cairo, Chyna also wants to make peace with Jenner because of her relationship with Rob, the report added. Reports of Chyna and 28-year-old Rob dating emerged last Monday, shocking his family. Chyna wanted to mend her relationship with the Kardashians and the Jenners, talking to Kylie first, the source said.

"Then there's Rob. She loves that man. All she wants him to do is get in shape and be healthy and happy. She understands that he's not in a good place with his family and now that things are hot and heavy with him, she wants to really be accepted into the Kardashian fold," the source told Hollywood Life. "The first person she feels she needs a conversation with is Kylie. From there, the rest of the sisters. Not only does she want to make peace with the Kardashians, she would love nothing more than to bring Rob closer to his own family."