Every year, Black Friday heralds the beginning of the mega shopping deals that see consumers waiting in long queues to win the best bargains. But not all offers come with the best deals, some offer propositions that are best saved for spring.

Here's a list of a few items that are best considered for spring:

Toys: If you are planning to splurge on toys this Black Friday, think twice as deep discounts within two weeks of Christmas will make the current deals look a lot more expensive.

Jewelry and Watches: The best deals for jewelry and watches can occur during spring and summer, as peak demand during the holiday season and Valentine's Day is likely to render them less alluring.

Game Consoles Without Bundled Item: Video game consoles this holiday make a better proposition if it comes with bundled products. Consoles, including premium accessories and selective game titles, are discounted to 40 percent off retail prices, CBS MoneyWatch has reported.

Digital Cameras: Look for older models of digital cameras or hold off your purchase till February next year when more enticing offers may come in.

Holiday Decorations: These items are best purchased during Christmas as they get better during that period.

Winter Apparel: Winter apparels, including coat and scarf, turn more affordable by January when retail stores shove them into the clearance bins.

Never give in to emotional purchases this holiday season as they end up burning a hole in your wallet.