From plasma screens to LCD flatscreens, HDTVs are again sitting at the top of many shoppers' Black Friday wish lists. 

Best Buy, h.h. gregg and Walmart are all running major deals on big screen TVs. And like any other year, the earlier you rise the more likely you will return home with deal on a shiny new set. In many cases, the number of TVs on sale is limited. And you will have to possibly give up some preferred features for the more lower priced sets. 

Still, if a brand new Sony or Vizio is a Black Friday must-have, take a look at the deals below, ordered from smallest to largest screen size. 

Insignia 19" 720p LED-Backlit HDTV for $80 at Best Buy

Funai 32" 720p LED-Backlit LCD HDTV for $98 at Walmart

Funai isn't the best-known brand on the market, and 720p won't get you the sharpest, highest quality image. But it's an exceptional bargain if you're looking to pay the least amount possible this season for a new LCD TV. 

Samsung 32'' UN32EH5300 1080p LED Smart HDTV for $299.99 at h.h. gregg

This TV was recognized as one of the best quality 32-inch LCD TVs available. It features Samsung's smart TV suite as well as full 1080p HD. 

Vizio 32" 720p LED LCD HDTV for $190 at Best Buy

Seiki 39" 4K 120Hz 2160p LED LCD HDTV for $483 at Amazon

Element 40" 1080p LED-Backlit HDTV for $178 at Walmart 

Seiki 46" 1080p LED LCD HDTV for $339 at Walmart

LG 47" 47LN5790 1080p LED LCD HDTV for $580 at BJ's Wholesale

This TV is a budget model that features 1080p and smart TV features. It also includes a sound bar to enhance the TV's weaker built-in speakers.  

LG 47" LCD Smart TV, $180 Kohl's Cash for $630 at Kohl's

LG 50" 1080p 120Hz LED LCD HDTV for $628 at Walmart

Sharp 50" 1080p HDTV for $498 at Dell

Emerson 50" 1080p LED-Backlit LCD HDTV for $288 at Walmart

This stands as one of the best Black Friday offers on a 50" 1080p LCD TV out there currently. But at this price, these simple sets will probably go quickly. 

Samsung 51" 720p Plasma HDTV for $427 at Walmart

Vizio 60" 1080p WiFi LED-Backlit LCD HDTV for $688 at Walmart

Vizio 70" 1080p Smart TV for $998 at Walmart

For shoppers looking for the best deal for an exceptionally large television, this price is likely the best you'll find for Black Friday.