“The Blacklist” has a thing for kidnappings. First, it was Red (James Spader) in the midseason premiere of the NBC series. Then, in episode 10, it was Liz (Megan Boone) who got snatched as Luther Braxton (Ron Perlman) searched for the Fulcrum. Now, the synopsis for episode 11, “Ruslan Denisov,” reveals the show will go 3-for-3 with abductions in the second half of Season 2.

According to the synopsis, Liz and the FBI must work to rescue yet another kidnapping victim. While we do not yet know who will be the unlucky captive, we know who is behind the plot. Red tells Liz the mastermind is an old associate of his named Ruslan Denisov, played by guest star Faran Tahir (“Dallas”). Red is worried Denisov may prove to be too dangerous for Liz.

Plus, the promo for the episode reveals a complication with the search for Denisov: the CIA. After his showdown with the CIA director (David Strathairn), Red has a bigger target on his back than ever before. The CIA believes he has the Fulcrum -- he did tell them so, after all -- and will stop at nothing to take it from him. It looks like that might even involve shooting him down while both the CIA and FBI close in on Denisov.

Watch the promo for episode 11 below:

Will the CIA take out Red? And did Liz find the Fulcrum at the end of episode 10? It sure looked like it when she pulled that flash drive out of her childhood stuffed animal. Fans will have to wait to find out. “The Blacklist” is shown on NBC Thursdays at 9 p.m. EST.

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